​Life Coaching ​Sessions

I offer 1 hour coaching sessions via Skype, audio only. I will mentor you in any area of your life of which I have specific expertise and understanding.

I will teach you the steps I took to:

  • connect with your emotional power and speak your truth
  • set goals and manifest your future
  • first find and then live your purpose
  • grow and evolve through change and adversity
  • overcome addiction, depression, emotional & physical pain
  • overcome fear and limiting beliefs
  • create wealth
  • start again if you've tried and come up short in the past

These areas I have personally experienced and mastered within my own life.

I will work diligently to guide you to the same place of freedom that I now enjoy. I will provide you with the necessary tools to move from survival into creation. I will teach you how you can identify your survival self from the true self, and how to connect with the real you that is inherently loving, expressive, creative, powerful and courageous.

I am passionate about working with people who are ready to create something better for themselves. People who are ready to move from a place of pain to a place of self-empowerment. People who are ready to live their purpose.

I will support you in the process of understanding what you want out of life, and then guide you in powerful and practical ways to align with your ability to effectively step into your power and live the life you want to live.

Contact me and start your journey today!